New Phone Unboxing

Yesterday I’ve received my new telephone, it’s the Samsung Galaxy S2. I’ve been using the HTC Hero the last two years and my wife uses the Sony Ericson Experia X10. I’ve never had longer than a few minutes access to an iPhone so I will not be comparing phones to the iPhone, as I lack the knowledge. Normally I’ve got two phones with me on an average working day. One for my work (which is an old, battered Nokia N95 and my personal phone which was a Hero and as of now will be a Galaxy 2 (SG2 as of now).


The SG2 arrived in a box, which was similar to the box the HTC arrived in. In the case of the Hero a white box and the SG2 in a black box.

It’s just a box nothing special or to get excited about. It looks nice, but that is as goods as it gets. In the box there are several useful additions next to the phone. First there’s off course the charger. Secondly there’s the micro USB cable needed for hooking the phone up to you’re computer. Thirdly there’s the headphones and some additional pieces for fitting them in you’re ear, the battery and the user manual. All nicely fitted into the box. While the phone is lying on top of these. Below is all the stuff you find in the box.

After putting the phone in the charger I made some pictures for the sake of comparison. The first picture is with my HTC Hero, and the second with the Experia X10 of my wife.

What is important is the feel of the phone. The Hero had this coated back which ensured that you would be able to keep it solid in you’re hands. The GS2 lacks this coating but has instead a back which feels like it is made out of carbon (which it is not). ┬áThe big surprise is when you pick up the phone. It is almost as if it had no weight at all. It feels very very light in you’re hands the HTC Hero is totally no comparison to this phone. The same more or less applies to the Experia X10, they just feel so much heavier.

In the next posting I’ll write about dayly usage of the phone.

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